Back (before leaving)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OK, I’m back (from that^) and set up behind the machine in this sweaty summer heat.

“Great! let me order a bag”, you say.

Well, hold on, there’s a problem with that. I’m only back for this next month before leaving on an open-ended bicycle tour in Europe.

And since everyone is so wonderful I’ve got plenty (PLENTY) of orders to keep me busy (BUSY) until leaving time. So, as of now I’m not taking any more orders. But I will be finishing up the remaining orders and posting here over this next month.

and yes, I will be coming back and will most definitely be sewing strong, just can’t say when.

I also can’t begin to thank all folks that have been buying my stuff/supporting my bootstrapping for the past couple of years, for real y’all.

and no, Dead Fucking Last (DFL) Stitchworks isn’t dying, just living up to the name.




ps. I got a new camera so get ready for me to bring da ruckus (read: post pictures on my sewing blog).

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