Dirty Roads


The sewing paraphernalia is stowed away safe n sound and I’m off riding my bicycle, i.e. No bags for a while cause it’s ride’n time.

I arrived in Seattle about a week ago after spending a spell riding up from northern CA.

aaand here are some pictures from those travels.

For those interested in the route: I stuck to a collection of unpaved service/fire/forest roads running north-south from Redding, CA – Seattle, WA. Traveling through OR was largely covered by a route recently mapped by Velodirt called the Oregon Outback, the rest being my creation. I you want details shoot me and email and we can chat, but keep in mind that I don’t have a GPS route and got lost a lot. Final tally was somewhere around 700-900 miles in about 9 days.

and innumerable cows…


Click on those for larger images, and I’ll probably post some more to DFL flickr at some point in the next couple of days.







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