New Panniers

Finished a new pannier design before leaving and never got around to posting ’em.


Made around the Jandd Extreme Front Rack they both roll down and fasten to the sides of the bag for a smaller profile.

imageThe non-drive side is super simple, just buckles and the bag. The drive side pannier is designed to be worn as a sling bag or a primitive backpack. This one’s got those ITW G-hook buckles that I’m so fond of, that way I can clip them to each other or the bag. Here’re some pictures of that.



Both are:

– backed with 1/8″ plastic (similar to hdpe but not quite)

– lined with 1.1 oz silnylon (super light and new to me, we’ll see how it goes)

– attached with the tried n true hook and bungee setup, but I did add some velcrow loops around the edges to help hold it tight against the entire rack for bumpy roads.


Oh and here’re some pictures of the saddle bag.


It’s a prototype of a hip/handle bar/saddle bag that I made a while ago. That strap that goes around the seat post can be lengthened to go around yer waist.

Oh and I never wrote about the frame bag either. I like it. It’s my favorite of the frame bags that I’ve had. Let me tell you why. First, you can still carry a huge water bottle. Second, you can still grab the top tube to pick up the bike, hell, you could even shoulder the bike if you wanted, go wild. And that’s about it, I put a strap on the back of the bag to hold it tighter in the frame, seen below.


L8r sk8r


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