Low // Front – Panniers


These fellers are ready to be packed full of expensive, semi-vintage styled gear and paraded around 4 times a year in a desperate attempt to prove to yourself that you still do the things that instagram tells you that you love…

Naw, just kidding, these are rad little bags though. Might hafta make some for myself one of these days. This pair is falling into the loving n strong arms of phd student turned local celebrity John Gill.

They’re both 1000D Dupont Cordura outers with a silnylon liner which keeps weight down and, in my experience, increases longevity compared to a VCP/Truck-tarp liner.  They’ve got a pretty neat closure system that I thought up in a dream, actually. It’s a single unattached and adjustable strap that runs through a sleeve on the underside of the bag, the buckles are setup so you can ditch the strap and use it for a belt or hanging food (bears), or whatever really. The strap also lets you carry it as a shoulder bag without any extra pieces. The top of the bag can roll down and clip to itself when you’re using the straps for other stuff. And, because of the way it is, you only have to adjust one side to close the bag. Here’re some pictures of that:


They’ve both got front zipper pockets with #10 zips for durability and some compression straps that also hold the main closure strap up. AND they’ve got loops for (removable) shock cord over the front so you can dry yer gas station sink-washed clothes while riding.

The rack attachment is the same ol Jannd pannier hooks and bungee that has yet to disappoint me me once (yes, even on bumpy-as-shit dirt roads – you just have to adjust the bungee correctly, jackass).

Here’re some photos



Oh yeah and DFL moved again, this time for a while at least, Check it:



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