Zipper Bags

Medium Flap Top Backpack

Smallish Messenger – Fixed strap, padded back, custom dimesnions

Randonneuring Rack-Bag

Cinch Top with Lid Pocket – Backpack

1/2 Frame Bag, Giganto Saddle Bag (prototype) and Zippered Stem-Bag

Michelle’s Roll Top – Backpack

Outdoor Pack – Cinch-top Backpack

Derek’s Flap Top – Backpack

Ryan-Ashley’s Roll Top (with removable pocket)

Pannier – Shoulder Bag

Hip/Shoulder Bag

Frame Bag #1

Backpack – Pannier (XL)

Messenger (upright/sliding shoulder pad)

Medium Roll Top Backpack

Medium Simple Pannier

LG Roll Top Backpack

Hip Pouch (no belt)

Little Wallet Things

Smallish Roll Top Backpack

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